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Alkalinity (High pH)

Alkaline water occurs naturally when water passes over rocks and picks up minerals such as calcium, potassium & magnesium. Alkalinity refers to a higher pH level of water (8 or 9) as opposed to normal drinking water, which generally has a neutral pH of 7. Advocates of alkaline water believe the higher alkalinity can neutralize the acid in your body and help in preventing certain illnesses because they cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Acid in the body can occur from stress, diet, or environmental conditions such as smog.

Alkaline water is believed to provide a variety of health benefits. Its proponents claim that alkaline water can alleviate acid reflux, increase oxygen levels and improve energy and metabolism by helping neutralize acid in the bloodstream, contain antioxidants that fight aging and disease, cleanse the colon, rejuvenate the skin, lubricate muscles and joints, reduce body fat and fatigue, protect bones, support the immune system, and achieve better overall health. 

Alkalinity is a measure of the capacity of water to neutralize acids. Alkalinity is primarily due to the presence of bicarbonate, carbonate and hydroxide ions. Alkalinity acts as a pH buffer to deactivate acidity. Water with high alkalinity may have an offensive taste. These filters are tanks filled with a media blend of calcium and magnesium carbonates made from naturally occurring minerals. This media slowly dissolves into the water, raising the pH and making it less corrosive. One of the most important benefits of alkaline water (besides increasing the pH) is that it lowers Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

How it works 


Crystal Quest® uses our house blend of Eagle® Multimedia which combines our SMART & Ionizer blends to filter water & enhance alkalinity. The Ionizer blend includes the natural minerals of magnesium oxide & calcium oxide, white ceramic, tourmaline & infra-red balls to drive the alkalinity higher. SMART Multimedia includes 2 types of coconut shell Granulated Activated Carbons (Standard & Catalytic GAC) infused with our Eagle Redox Alloys® 6500 & 9500, and ion exchange resin to reduce contaminants such as heavy metals, i.e. lead & mercury, chlorine, chloromine, & inorganic products such as herbicides, pesticides, petroleum/pharmaceutical by-products. To read about how GAC's work, click here. To read about the ERA® Oxidation/Reduction Process, click here

Q: I thought Magnesium and Calcium added water hardness? Why would I want to add that to my water?

A: Good question. Magnesium & Calcium carbonate is the key for achieving alkalinity. Magnesium & Calcium bicarbonate is hardness, which you don’t want because it appears as chalk, limestone and scale. In alkaline water, the Magnesium & Calcium will be free ions which don’t build scale, only drive the pH higher.

Acidity (Low pH)

Water with a low pH can be acidic, soft and corrosive. Signs of acid water are corrosion of fixtures, pinhole leaks in plumbing and blue staining (from copper pipes) or rust staining (from iron pipes). This water can leach metals such as copper, iron, lead, manganese and zinc. It can cause damage and aesthetic problems such as a metallic or sour taste or laundry staining. Often this water is good for drinking or household use, but is low in buffering calcium minerals and it contains dissolved carbon-dioxide gas, which can cause a low pH and acid condition. Acidic water is odorless and tasteless.

The pH level of your drinking water reflects how acidic it is. pH stands for "potential hydrogen", referring to the amount of hydrogen mixed with the water. Acidity cannot be removed from water. However, it can be neutralized by raising the pH with alkalinity. Treat the problem of acidic, low pH drinking water with a neutralizer.

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