Whole House Full-Size SMART Water Filtration

Full-Size Whole House SMART Series Systems are perfect for small to mid-size families up to 6 people with a home between 1,500 and 5,000 sq. ft. 

Full-Size SMART Filtration can be paired with a Traditional Salt Softener and/or a specific contaminant removal tank to remove Acid, Arsenic, Fluoride, Iron, Manganese, or Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrate, Tannin or Turbidity. In addition, you can also add even more protection with the power of UltraViolet Light! 

Family Size Use: 1-6 person use ideal for homes between 1,500-5,000 sq. ft.

Service Flow: 7-13 Gallons Per Minute depending on system 

System Capacities: 600,000-1,500,000 Gallons depending on system 

Replace Media every 5-10 years depending on system & consumption rate. Consumption rate should be based on how many people live in the residence & the demand based on how many showers, appliances, and faucets being used at the peak flow time. Click to replace SMART Multimedia*

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