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Accu-Tab Systems

The Accu-Tab system is the total solution for all your chlorination needs. From the smallest commercial pool installation to large-scale water parks, and water cooling towers we manufacture high-quality tablet chlorination systems that stand up to tough water conditions and rigorous industry and government standards safely, simply, accurately, and with minimal maintenance.

The complete,  Accu-Tab® system combines specially-engineered chlorine feeders with quality-controlled three-inch calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo) tablets. Accu-Tab chlorinators are solidly built. Each durable, corrosion-resistant chlorinator is handcrafted in the U.S. using high-quality PVC and is backed by a limited warranty. Accu-Tab chlorinators have few moving parts and no small openings that can clog. Additionally, most replacement parts on our units can be readily obtained, making it easy and efficient to maintain the system


  • Aquatics: Pools, Water Parks, Spas, and Fountain water.
    • Avoids the corrosion of equipment and pool surfaces; eliminates fluctuations in chlorination levels; reduces cleaning and maintenance of the chlorinator to typically once a year. 
  • Food Safety: Fresh Cut Meat, Food Packaging, Beverage Plants, Irrigation
    • Clean process water is an essential ingredient in safeguarding much of what we eat and drink every day. With recent outbreaks bringing increased scrutiny to food and beverage safety, effective process water solutions have become even more important
  • Municipal/Potable Water: Drinking Water & Waste Water
    • Today's potable water and wastewater treatment facilities face a multitude of complications and the goal to provide clean, safe water to communities. Slashed municipal budgets, government regulations, and the need for complex risk management plans challenge facilities every day. As facilities reassess their water treatment systems, many find the solution in the Accu-Tab® tablet chlorination system
  • Industrial Water: Cooling Towers, Plant Water, Energy, Frac, and Flowback Water
    • Many industrial facilities use a local water supply to rinse, spray, coat, wash or cool during processing. End products can be affected by unwanted minerals and contaminants, and bacteria can cause illness



Max Size (gallons)

Max Delivery Tablet Capacity Inlet/Outlet

PowerBase AT100

Indoor 80,000        

Outdoor CYA 1,400,000   

Outdoor NO CYA 800,000

0.8 lbs/hr 30-lbs 1/2" X 1/2"

PowerBase 1030

Indoor 360,000       

Outdoor CYA 400,000     

Outdoor NO CYA 220,000

2.8 lbs/hr 30-lbs 1" X 1"

PowerBase 3075/3070AT

Indoor 1,120,000     

Outdoor CYA 400,000     

Outdoor NO CYA 220,000

10.2 lbs/hr 75-lbs 1 1/2" X 1 1/2"

PowerBase 3150/3140AT

Indoor 2,00,000     

Outdoor CYA 700,000     

Outdoor NO CYA 400,000

22 lbs/hr 150-lbs 2" X 2"

PowerBase 3500

Indoor 4,800,000     

Outdoor CYA 1,400,000     

Outdoor NO CYA 800,000

36.4 lbs/hr 500-lbs 2" X 2"

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