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ROVER | High-Dose Mobile Ozone Generator - Ozone Generator - Crystal Quest

Quest Micro-Blaster™ Rover | Portable Commercial and Industrial Ozone Generator


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The Crystal Quest Quest® Micro-Blaster™ Rover Ozone Generator is a portable unit that is meant for mobile and multi-location use. This unit has a high output measured in grams per hour, therefore, it is suitable for college and office campuses to transport from one building to another, conveniently disinfect each and every city bus, school bus, train, subway, airplane, shuttle bus, airport shuttle bus, taxi cab, truck, and more.


Applications of Indoor Use for Quest Micro-Blaster™ Ozone Generator by Crystal Quest®


Multi-building office campuses, University campuses, Public Transportation Terminals, Bus Stations, Subway Stations, Train Stations, Airports and Airplane Terminals, Airport Shuttle Buses and Lots, School Buses, Car Rental Companies, Boats, Campers, and RV, Cruise Ships, Hotels, Multi-level dwellings, Skyscrapers, Public Elevators, Public Restrooms, Public Gyms, Public Showers, Fitness Centers, Medical Clinics, Ambulances, Hospitals

Automatic Timer

All Crystal Quest® Ozone generators are equipped with an easy-to-use timer to guarantee safe use. The timer is a simple method to control the level of ozone produced into the air to properly disinfect.

When preparing to disinfect, set the timer for the desired dosing. This will allow the Crystal Quest® Ozone generator to be operated automatically when the space is unoccupied. Once the timer has ended, the system will shut down, the ozone will dissipate, and the area will be safe for re-entry into a clean environment.


Dimensions: 22" x 18.90" x 18.31"

Features: Lid Strike, Lockable, Weather Proof, 2-Wheeled

Milligrams Per Hour (mg/h):
 This output is a low concentration for residential disinfection, small vehicles, and other small areas. Do not purchase a mid-dose or high-dose system for a small space. Crystal Quest Ozone Generators are manufactured with various outputs. It is essential for safe use to understand the difference between the output doses. Ozone generators are used to produce ozone for cleaning air or removing smoke odors in 
unoccupied rooms.

Grams Per Hour (g/h): This output is a high concentration and should only be used for large vehicles such as public city buses, subway, and trains, and large commercial and industrial dwellings and residential homes that exceed 8,000 sq. ft


  • Withstand impact and resists water and dust                                                       
  • High-impact resin
  • heavy-duty construction
  • lasting durability
  • Equipped with an integrated seal to protect contents against water and dust intrusion
  • The padded handle allows comfortable carrying

The Crystal Quest Ozone generator is a  natural disinfection method that requires zero additives, replacements, and chemicals.


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