Eagle® 4,000 Whole House Water Filter + Salt-Free Water Softener

Crystal Quest Water Filters



  • 1.5 cu. ft. resin
  • 48,000 grain capacity
  • 750,000 gallon capacity
  • Service Flow: 9-11 GPM
  • Automatic or Manual Backwash 
  • Tank Size: 10" x 54"
  • Stainless Steel or Fiberglass
  • 1 pre and 2 post filters
  • 2.0 cu. ft. resin
  • 60,000 grain capacity
  • 1,000,000 gallon capacity
  • Service Flow: 10-13 GPM
  • Automatic or Manual Backwash 
  • Tank Size: 12" x 52"
  • Stainless Steel or Fiberglass
  • 1 pre and 2 post filters

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Filtration & Alkalinity Enhancement System with Ultrafiltration

Water Travels Through 15 Stages of Filtration
  • Stage 1: Water flows through a 20” 5-micron sediment filter cartridge that removes sediment, sand, silt and dirt.
  • Stages 2 and 3: Water flows through a bed of a special blend of calcium carbonate media which will alkalize/ionize and remineralize the water as well as raise the pH level.
  • Stages 4 and 5: Water travels through a special blend of natural mineral and infra-red balls in our Ionizer media.
  • Stage 6: Water passes through coconut shell granulated activated carbon (Arsenic-Free GAC). GAC is universally recognized and regularly used as an effective adsorbent for removing a wide variety of organic contaminants, bad taste and odors from drinking water.
  • Stages 7 and 9: Water flows through two beds of Eagle Redox Alloy® (ERA® 6500 & 9500) media. Representing a new and unique way of water processing media by its natural process of electrochemical oxidation reduction and adsorption action, Eagle Redox Alloys reduces and/or removes many unwanted contaminants from water.
  • Stage 8: Water flows through ion exchange resin, reducing heavy metals and water hardness.
  • Stage 10: Water travels through a bed of gravel that provides backwash support and improves the taste of your water.
  • Stages 11 and 12: Water passes by two powerful magnets (greater than 12,000 gauss) that create a magnetic field in the filter for magnetic resonance activation of the water. This process lowers surface tension and increases solubility and absorptivity.
  • Stage 13: Water flows through the Eaglesorb Anti-Scale media tank.
  • Stage 14: Water flows through a 20” solid carbon filter cartridge for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents.*
  • Stage 15: Water passes through a 20” 0.2-micron ultrafiltration (UF) membrane.

* If present in the water

**Additional media is required for every 5 grains of hardness over 25 grains. Consult a water specialist for recommendation.

What is Ultrafiltration (UF)?

Similar to the concept of Reverse Osmosis, only Ultrafiltration uses a different membrane to remove viruses & retain larger particles up to 0.2-micron size.

Additional Product Options: 

  • Leak Detector Valve
  • UltraViolet: Specifically designed to meet the demanding microorganism control concern. These microorganisms can range from bacteria and viruses to algae and protozoa. A major advantage of UV treatment is that it is capable of disinfecting water faster than chlorine without cumbersome retention tanks and harmful chemicals to your drinking water.


* All parts, components and media are NSF Certified

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