Off-Grid, Portable Reverse Osmosis Water System -
200 Gallons Per Day

Explore the world with clean, safe drinking-water.

The Crystal Quest Off-Grid Reverse Osmosis Water System is a portable, compact, mobile, and solar/battery-powered all-in-one water treatment system that utilizes a Reverse Osmosis membrane with sediment and carbon block filters to clear contaminants out of the water and then will remineralize it with necessary and healthy minerals your body needs so you have clean and purified drinking water. The system provides all you need in one handy case including a solar kit, battery, and booster pump. Just power the panel up with the sun, attach the included tubing, secure the ends in the water source and flip on the switch.

Remove Heavy Metals and Contaminants from water across the world.

  • Solar-Powered
  • Lightweight, Rugged, Wheeled
  • SWP® Thin Film Composite (TFC) High Flow Low Energy membranes with Desal and Brackish R.O. membrane upgrade available.
  • SWP® Reverse Osmosis Components
  • Crystal Quest® Carbon Block + Sediment Cartridges

Freshwater Off-Grid R.O.

The freshwater, TFC Low-Energy membrane is designed for non-saline feedwater sources. This technology uses a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water.

Seawater/Desal Off-Grid R.O.

Desal/Seawater Membranes will separate dissolved salts and other minerals from your water. Feed-water sources may include brackish, seawater, wells, surface (rivers and streams), wastewater, and industrial feed and process waters. Seawater requires pre-treatment to remove various contaminants such as organics, algae, and fine particles.

Speak with our team of qualified engineers to determine your desalination needs.

Brackish Water Off-Grid R.O.

Brackish water or briny water is water that has more salinity than fresh water, but not as much as seawater. It may result from mixing of seawater with fresh water, as in estuaries.

Speak with our team of qualified engineers to determine your brackish water needs.

Why Choose Us?

All systems are shipped out fully assembled providing for easy installation.

All membrane systems are factory tested to ensure quality, performance, and reliability.

All our systems use high-quality, long-lasting parts, filters, and membranes.

With over 30 years of manufacturing expertise, our experience is unrivaled.

All our products are backed by our outstanding team of customer service.

We can customize any system to meed your desired specifications or needs.

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Model Rover
Gallons Per Day 200
Dimensions (approx.) 35' x 22.5' x 13.75
Weight (approx.) 55 Ibs.
Element Size (in.) 2521 TFC HF1
Elements (qty.) 1
Pressure 150 psi
Motor & Pump  Diaphragm
Voltage 12/24 DC
Hertz 60
Feed Connection 3/8'
Product Connection 3/8'
Waste Connection 3/8'
Minimum Feed (gpm) 0
Recovery* 33% - 50%

Rugged Housing

Membrane Technology

Reverse Osmosis is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove larger particles from drinking water. In reverse osmosis, an applied pressure is used to overcome osmotic pressure, a colligative property, that is driven by chemical potential, a thermodynamic parameter.

Media Filtration

Crystal Quest® 5-Micron Carbon Block Cartridges are manufactured from an acid-washed coconut-carbon based formulation. Better tasting water is produced as carbon is used to its maximum advantage in minimizing pH levels while maintaining a low-pressure drop.

Crystal Quest® Pleated Cellulose Sediment Cartridges are manufactured from pleated cellulose media and are designed for general water filtration. The media is pleated around a polypropylene core for added strength and the ends are immersed in a thermo-setting vinyl plastisol. It’s pleated design maximizes dirt-holding capacity. 5 Microns.

Booster Pump

The Reboosterizer Pump will pump water from the feed source through the R.O.VER R.O. membrane and cartridge filter system.