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ROVER - Portable Reverse Osmosis Filtration System


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The Cystal Quest ROver combines both Reverse Osmosis and filtration to purify water from  variety of water sources such as lakes, streams, rivers, etc. Great companion for off-grid living, boating, camping, emergency prepping and disaster-hit areas. The ROver is a portable, compact, mobile, and solar/battery powered all-in-one water treatment system which utilizes a Reverse Osmosis membrane with sediment and carbon block filters to clear contaminants out of water and then remineralizes it with necessary and healthy minerals your body needs so you have clean and purified drinking water. The system provides all you need in one handy case including solar kit, battery, and booster pump. Just power the panel up with the sun, attach the included tubing, secure the ends in the water source and flip on the switch. 

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