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"According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), water used for irrigation accounts for nearly 65 percent of the world’s freshwater withdrawals excluding thermoelectric power." Center for Disease Control. Read about their Water Guidelines for Agriculture & Farming.

Why be concerned about agricultural water quality?

"Water quality can be affected by poor planning of industrial sites, animal farms, and barnyards and feedlots. Until recently, the type of water source has been indicative of the potential risks of contamination. Poor water quality can affect the quality of food crops and lead to illness in those who consume them. For example, the water may contain germs that cause human disease. Irrigating crops with contaminated water can then lead to contaminated food products which lead to illness when eaten. Groundwater, for example, has been considered one of the safest sources of water. However, depending on field location and field size, it may not be possible to use water from these sources for irrigation." - EPA. Read more about Laws and Regulations that Apply to Your Agricultural Operation by Farm Activity.


  Environmental Protection

  Law Compliance

  Water Conservation/Sustainability

  Cost reduction in water usage (cheaper to heat clean water; equipment will last longer)

  Consistency in production

  Sanitation/Super cleanliness (liability reduction)

  Sustainability & consistency of vendor

  Clean water for workers 

  Customized Solution (with our consultation)



Specific Contaminant Filtration: 

  • Nitrate: One of the biggest concerns from farming is that Nitrate leaches into the water from livestock excrement. It will leach into the ground & surface water & soil causing extreme contamination.
  • Remove other contaminants: FluorideArsenicIronTurbidityTannin, or for Acid Neutralizing.

For Peak Filtration:

Additional Filtration Options:

More Filtration Technologies: 

  • Water Softener: Remove unwanted water hardness which contributes to poor flavor. Softeners can be bought stand-alone or in conjunction with one of the above POE filtration systems. 
  • UltraViolet Light: Specifically designed to meet the demanding microorganism control concern. These microorganisms can range from bacteria and viruses to algae and protozoa.

To inquire about the right water filtration system for your organization, please email or call 1-800-934-0051

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