Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Enjoy purified water from every faucet of your home.

A Whole House Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is a great solution if you are faced with multiple water issues or if you are trying to achieve the highest level of water purification for your home. Utilize our "Storage Tank Kit" option for a whole home solution. All of our systems come with a performance guarantee, 1-year warranty, and are backed by our unmatched customer service.

Why Choose Us?

All systems are shipped out fully assembled providing for easy installation.

All membrane systems are factory tested to ensure quality, performance, and reliability.

All our systems use high-quality, long-lasting parts, filters, and membranes.

With over 30 years of manufacturing expertise, our experience is unrivaled.

All our products are backed by our outstanding team of customer service.

We can customize any system to meed your desired specifications or needs.

Whole House RO + Storage Tank Kit

The most effective solution for home water filtration.

  • Water Tank - Water is stored in an atmospheric water storage tank (165, 220, or 550 gallons) that is sized depending on your system.
  • Pump - As water is used within your home, it will be pumped from the tank as needed.
  • Float Switches - Used within your water tank, this regulates when your RO System needs to cut on and off depending on the water level in your tank.
  • Factory Tested and Preserved
  • Made in the USA.

In order to use reverse osmosis as an effective whole house solution, you will need the following:

RO System

Water Tank

Water Pump

Float Switches

*To add these components, select the "Add Storage Tank Kit" option on the product page. These items will vary in size depending on the RO system you select.

Need a larger RO System?

We have larger RO Systems available under our Commercial product section. These systems can be adapted and easily used for whole house applications. Click the link below to learn more about our High-Flow Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Want to see all Whole House Water Filters?

If you would like to see all of our Whole House Water Filter Systems (not only Reverse Osmosis options) then look no further. We have a large selection of filters as wella s specialty contaminant removal systems.

High quality SWP® R.O. components for guaranteed, reliable performance.

Crystal Quest® is an ISO9001:2015 Certified Manufacturer

The Crystal Quest Difference

Our standard features are what make us stand out.

Low and High Pressure Switch:

A pressure switch is a safety device that will protect your RO system from damage by stopping the water when your water pressure is too high or too low.

Pressure Guages

Dual standard pressure guages let you not only know if there is an issue, but will also help show you exactly where the issue is.


Having multiple prefilters will help extend the life of your membranes as well as increase the overall life of your system.

Stainless Steel Membrane Housings

All systems come standard with stainless steel membrane housings making for a well protected, great looking system.

High Quality RO Membranes

An RO System is only as good as the memranes. This is why we only source the highest quality, yet most cost-effective membranes for your system.

RO Motor/Pump

Our systems are equipped with high performance, durable motors that will provide for a reliable, long-lasting system for many years to come.

Lightweight Frame

Every frame is made with a high-strength, yet lightweight, frame making for easy moving and long-lasting durability.

Powder-coat Finish

Each system has a white powder coat finish. This provides for a great, long-lasting look as well as resistance to chips, scratches, and fading.

Quality Components

By using all high-quality plastic tubing, plumbing, and components, our systems require less maintenance and repairs over the years.

Optional Add-On:

TDS Meter: Feedline, Permeate, or Both

A TDS meter is a digital device used to indicate the Total Dissolved Solids in water. Since dissolved ionized solids, such as salts and minerals such as calcium and magnesium, increase the conductivity of a solution, a TDS meter measures the conductivity of the solution and estimates the TDS from that reading.


Control Panel

The Control Panel of a Reverse Osmosis water system monitors the functionality of the reverse osmosis water filter. Features include valve relay, temperature, operating time set, pressure switch, and flow meter(s). Crystal Quest Reverse Osmosis control panels can be designed to meet the specific needs of the water system.


An auto flush valve is recommended to prevent scaling or fouling of the reverse osmosis membranes. The valve releases a high pressure rinse which will rid the system of impurities and keep the membrane clean.



The main purpose of a concentrate recycle loop in a reverse osmosis system is to reduce the amount of concentrate or waste water flowing to the drain. Recycle loops are also used to maintain an optimum flow velocity across the membrane surface and reduce individual membrane recovery.

A recycle loop takes a portion of the concentrate flow which would have otherwise gone to drain and returns it to the feed of the RO pump in a continuous loop. Reducing the concentrate flow to drain achieves a higher system “recovery” percentage. Pump sizing needs to take the additional flow coming from the concentrate recycle loop into consideration.

Concentrating the waste stream to a higher degree can only be done to a certain point before fouling will occur in the membranes. This fouling point will vary with each feed water.



An auto flush valve is recommended to prevent scaling or fouling of the reverse osmosis membranes. The valve releases a high pressure rinse which will rid the system of impurities and keep the membrane clean.


Frequently Asked Whole House R.O. Questions

Why do I need a storage tank kit?

The storage tank kit is essential in turning your Reverse Osmosis system into an effective "Whole House" Reverse Osmosis system. The Storage Tank will stay filled with water by the RO System and the use of the float switches. The Reboosterizer Pump will pump water from the tank through to the pipes in your home. If at any point your water level drops below the float switch, the RO System will cut on to start refilling the tank.

The storage tank kit is necessary to create this "buffer" between your RO system and your home. It makes it to where you will not run out of clean water. During peak water consumption times, most RO systems will not produce enough flow directly out of the system, so a storage tank kit is required.

Which size storage tank comes with my system?

System Tank Size

200-300 GPD

165 Gallons

500-2,500 GPD

220 Gallons

4,000-10,000 GPD

550 Gallons

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove larger particles from drinking water. In reverse osmosis, an applied pressure is used to overcome osmotic pressure, a colligative property, that is driven by chemical potential, a thermodynamic parameter.

Why do you need pre-treatment?

Understanding what type of water (i.e. municipally treated water, well water or sea water) and the level of contaminants in the water are crucial for knowing what the pretreatment for a reverse osmosis system will be. A thorough water analysis will identify contaminants that can severely affect the life of the membranes such as, Organics, Iron, Hardness (Calcium Carbonate) and Turbidity just to name a few. A severe reduction in membrane life can occur if the proper pretreatment is not utilized.

Why do you need post-treatment?

When water goes through a reverse osmosis system, it strips and makes water acidic. For a healthy pH range, between 6.4-84, remineralization must occur. If consumption of water is low, a UV light is often recommended to ensure that any microorganism that grow in the tank are eliminated.

Technical Info

200-300 GPD

500-2,500 GPD

4,000-7,000 GPD