Custom Manufacturing

High Quality Components

To guarantee a reliable and durable product, Crystal Quest® custom water and air treatment systems are manufactured with the highest quality components by Scientific World Products.  


State of the art filtration plant


The Crystal Quest® RMT-CQT-S Series® is a complete state of the art filtration plant offering highly filtered water while being easy to use. We incorporate many individual units to achieve a higher quality of filtration and can design the system to fit all water needs.

Special Projects

Crystal Quest® is a manufacturer of water systems designed to provide every type of water quality solution and various methods of air disinfection. Additionally, we participate in all phases of water treatment technology, ranging from product research and development, innovative design, advanced engineering, to manufacturing. We provide commercial and industrial water filters, water conditioning, water treatment and reverse osmosis solutions for apartment complexes, dry cleaners, restaurants, food services, vending, health clubs, laundries, nursing homes, factories, schools, office complexes, car washes, resorts, manufacturers, breweries, hospitals, food processing, dairies, hotels & motels, condominium complexes, boiler pretreatment, farms, distilleries, beauty salons, and many other businesses and industrial or government complexes.

Jet Engine Washing System

Crystal Quest® designed and manufactured a water filtration system for the Rochem Jet Engine Wash, which utilizes the latest engine wash and waste technology to deliver an efficient, effective, environmentally friendly and low-cost solution. What's more, is designed specifically for the on-wing cleaning of any type and size of the turbo-fan engine.

This system is used by various aircraft companies including Rolls Royce, American Airlines, and Delta.

Complete Community Water Treatment

Crystal Quest® has designed water filtration products in all sizes, and for all water quality solutions. We have designed, manufactured, and tested community water treatment systems which include Pre-Treatment, Reverse Osmosis, Degasifier, Ultraviolet, Remineralizer, and Ultrafiltation. Our state-of-the-art community water systems consist of high quality Scientific World Products components, and all pumps and accessories for turnkey community water filtration systems.

Custom Industrial Water Treatment

Thunder Industrial RO Systems

Thunder Industrial Systems utilize reverse osmosis (RO) technology to produce high purity water by reducing contaminants such a dissolved minerals, particulates and organic impurities. These systems are engineered using the highest quality components and materials for reliable operation and exceptional performance. Our standard systems are available with water outputs ranging from 15-360 GPM (21,600-518,400 GPD).

Our industrial ro systems are offered with a variety of options such as pre and post treatment equipment, distribution pumps and integrated controls for a complete water treatment solution. The Thunder RO Systems are skid mounted, pre plumbed, and pre wired allowing for quick installation and start up. A variety of membrane types are available including low energy, brackish and low fouling, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration.

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Custom Whole-House Water Treatment

Crystal Quest Whole House Water Filtration reaps a multitude of benefits such as cooking, showering and bathing in water free of contaminants! Enjoy softer skin and smoother hair, increasing the lifespan of clothes, appliances and water heater. With one of our filters, you are eliminating the need to buy bottled water contributing to plastic waste that is harmful to our oceans and environment. Most importantly, this filter will offer healthy drinking water for you and your family.