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Crystal Quest provides cutting-edge water filtration solutions for the Disaster Relief industry

Delivering Unrivaled Water Filtration Solutions for Disaster Relief Sector

In addition to serving various industries, we recognize the critical role of portable water filter systems in the disaster relief sector. When natural disasters strike, access to clean water becomes a matter of utmost importance. Our tailored solutions are designed to support disaster relief efforts by providing reliable access to safe drinking water in emergency situations. Our portable water filter systems can be rapidly deployed to affected areas, ensuring that clean water is readily available to aid workers and affected communities. With our advanced filtration technology, we effectively remove contaminants and impurities, safeguarding the health and well-being of those in need. Crystal Quest is committed to supporting disaster relief efforts by offering portable water filtration systems that deliver clean and safe water when it matters most.

Mobile & Adaptable

  • Our filtration systems are portable and easily transported, allowing rapid deployment to affected areas during disaster relief operations.
  • Advanced design provides operational flexibility, adapting to a wide range of environmental conditions and challenges.

Trailer-Based Solutions

  • Our systems can be mounted to trailers, offering easy mobility and setup in disaster-stricken areas.
  • This self-contained unit ensures quick access to clean water, providing immediate support to communities in need.

Universal Feed Water Source

  • Our systems can purify water from any source, be it river, pond, or even seawater, increasing their versatility and usefulness during emergencies.
  • The ability to utilize any feed water source ensures a steady supply of clean water regardless of local circumstances.

Solar-Powered & Custom Solutions

  • Systems like our ROVER System are equipped with solar panels and batteries, ensuring continuous operation even in conditions with limited or no electricity.
  • We provide custom solutions to meet the unique needs of different disaster relief operations, ensuring effective response and recovery efforts.

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Introducing ROVER: The Ultimate Portable Water Filter System for Disaster Relief Operations

  • At Crystal Quest, we recognize the critical importance of clean water in disaster relief operations. That's why we proudly present ROVER, our versatile portable water filter system designed specifically to meet the unique challenges of disaster-stricken areas.

  • ROVER is a state-of-the-art solution that combines mobility and advanced filtration technology to provide clean and safe water in emergency situations. Its portable design enables easy transportation and deployment to affected areas, ensuring rapid access to vital water resources for disaster relief workers and affected communities.

  • Equipped with advanced filtration mechanisms, ROVER effectively removes contaminants, bacteria, viruses, sediment, and chemicals from water sources, providing reliable access to clean drinking water when it is needed most. With ROVER by your side, you can address the urgent water needs of disaster-affected populations and support their well-being and recovery efforts.

  • ROVER's versatile functionality and robust filtration capabilities make it an essential tool in disaster relief operations. It operates reliably in various environmental conditions, enabling it to deliver clean water in the face of adversity. From natural disasters to humanitarian crises, ROVER ensures that clean water is readily available to those who need it most, mitigating the risk of waterborne diseases and supporting overall relief efforts.

  • Crystal Quest is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and meeting stringent regulatory standards. ROVER is designed to exceed these requirements, ensuring that the water filtered through our system is not only clean but also safe for consumption. We believe in empowering disaster relief teams with reliable and efficient tools, allowing them to focus on their mission while providing a lifeline of clean water to those in need.

Shipping Container RO Water Filteration

  • Introducing Crystal Quest's Water Filter Shipping Container: Empowering Disaster Relief with Clean Water

  • In the face of disasters, access to clean water is crucial for the survival and well-being of affected communities. Crystal Quest proudly presents our Water Filter Shipping Container, a comprehensive and ready-to-deploy solution designed to provide life-saving clean water in disaster-stricken areas.

  • Our Water Filter Shipping Container is a self-contained unit, equipped with state-of-the-art filtration technology and everything needed to purify water on-site. With its rugged construction and easy transportability, it can swiftly reach disaster zones, ensuring a rapid response to critical water needs.

  • Inside the container, our advanced filtration systems effectively remove contaminants, bacteria, viruses, sediment, and chemicals from water sources. This guarantees the delivery of safe and potable water, reducing the risk of waterborne diseases and supporting the health and recovery of affected communities.

  • The versatility of our Water Filter Shipping Container makes it a powerful asset in disaster relief operations. It can be easily deployed in various environments and provides a scalable solution to accommodate different population sizes and water demands. Whether it's a natural disaster or a humanitarian crisis, our containerized water filtration system is built to adapt and deliver reliable clean water where it's needed the most.

Trailer Transport RO Water Filteration

  • When disaster strikes, access to clean water is vital for survival and recovery. Crystal Quest proudly presents our Solar-Powered and Battery-Powered Mobile Water Filter RO System on Trailer, a versatile and reliable solution designed to deliver clean and safe water in mobile disaster relief operations.

  • Our Mobile Water Filter RO System on Trailer is equipped with both solar panels and batteries, offering dual power sources for uninterrupted filtration capabilities. The solar panels harness the energy of the sun during the day, while the batteries store excess energy to ensure continuous operation during the night or in low-light conditions.

  • Using advanced reverse osmosis (RO) technology, our system effectively removes impurities, contaminants, bacteria, viruses, sediment, and chemicals from water sources. It transforms compromised water into high-quality, potable water, meeting or exceeding stringent regulatory standards.

  • The mobility and adaptability of our system enable rapid deployment to disaster-stricken areas. With its self-contained design and integrated solar panels and batteries, it can be quickly set up, providing immediate relief and support. The ability to run on batteries ensures continuous operation, even when solar energy is limited or unavailable.

Our standard features are what make us stand out.

Our standard features are what make us stand out.

TDS Meters

Every system comes with dual TDS (total dissolved solids) meters so you can rest assured that your system is operating as it should.

Pressure Guages

Dual standard pressure guages let you not only know if there is an issue, but will also help show you exactly where the issue is.


Having multiple prefilters will help extend the life of your membranes as well as increase the overall life of your system.

Stainless Steel Membrane Housings

All systems come standard with stainless steel membrane housings making for a well protected, great looking system.

High Quality RO Membranes

An RO System is only as good as the memranes. This is why we only source the highest quality, yet most cost-effective membranes for your system.

RO Motor/Pump

Our systems are equipped with high performance, durable motors that will provide for a reliable, long-lasting system for many years to come.

Lightweight Frame

Every frame is made with a high-strength, yet lightweight, frame making for easy moving and long-lasting durability.

Powder-coat Finish

Each system has a white powder coat finish. This provides for a great, long-lasting look as well as resistance to chips, scratches, and fading.

Quality Components

By using all high-quality plastic tubing, plumbing, and components, our systems require less maintenance and repairs over the years.

The Crystal Quest Difference

All systems are shipped out fully assembled providing for easy installation.

All membrane systems are factory tested to ensure quality, performance, and reliability.

All our systems use high-quality, long-lasting parts, filters, and membranes.

With over 30 years of manufacturing expertise, our experience is unrivaled.

All our products are backed by our outstanding team of customer service.

We can customize any system to meed your desired specifications or needs.

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