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Whole House Acid Neutralizing Water Filtration Systems

Acid Neutralizing Water Filtration System

Water with a low pH can be acidic, soft and corrosive. Acidic water can leach unhealthy levels of copper from pipes. The Flint, Michigan scenario is an example of acidic water causing health issues in this population. Telltale signs of acidic water include greenish-blue stains (copper pipes) and rust staining (from iron pipes), pinhole leaks in plumbing, and metallic or sour taste. It can cause many other corrosion problems as well, such as drastically shortening the life of all water-using equipment, including dishwashers, washing machines, hot water heaters and/or fixtures. 


In addition to blue/green or rust staining in bathtubs sinks or toilets. or on the body as irritated eyes & skin or brittle damaged hair. Although Alkaline (high pH) water may give a 'bitter' taste to some, acidity is odorless & tasteless. 

What causes it?

pH is a relative measure of the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration in a fluid. In water, this can be caused by many natural occurring phenomena such as the absence of calcium carbonate (CaCo3) or 'limestone' in the soil as well as many man-made reasons. On the scale of 0-14, the pH level of 7 is neutral. Levels below 7 are 'acidic' and levels above 7 are considered 'alkaline' or 'basic'. Both extremes are found to be aggressive on many materials, but acidity is more commonly focused on due to its costly affects.

Primary concerns

Acidity in water means that the pH is found to be very low - which allows the water to act a caustic chemical against many plumbing materials & the body. Copper pipes are the most frequently affected and the most costly items to be affected by acidic water. If you see blue/green stains on a tub or toilet, there is a good possibility that you are looking at actual small fragments from the pipes and plumbing which run through the walls and foundation of your home. With copper leaching, health problems such as gastrointestinal distress, liver damage, and kidney damage can take place with short & longterm exposures. In addition, the cost of re-plumbing within these structures can be financially devastating. However, they can also be avoided if the problem is addressed in time. 

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