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Proudly providing filtered water for: 
Nuclear Plants, Utilities, Power Plants, Chemical Manufacturing, Products Manufacturing, Paper Mills, Textiles, Machining, Molding, Casting 

"According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), industrial water is used for fabricating, processing, washing, diluting, cooling, or transporting a product. Water is also used by smelting facilities, petroleum refineries, and industries producing chemical products, food, and paper products. Large amounts of water are used mostly to produce food, paper, and chemicals." Center for Disease Control

 Benefits Sought:

  Environmental Protection

  Law Compliance

  Prevent Unwanted Contamination 

  Water Conservation/Sustainability

  Cost reduction in water usage (cheaper to heat clean water; pipes last longer; etc.)

  Consistency in Production

  Sanitation/Super cleanliness (liability reduction)

  Sustainability & consistency of vendor

  Clean water for workers 

  Customized Solution (with our consultation)



For Peak Filtration:

To remove specific contaminants that would leach into the ground or surface water & soil, a Specialty System would be needed: 

FluorideArsenicNitrateIronTurbidityTannin, or for Acid Neutralizing.

Additional Filtration Options:

Water Softener: Remove unwanted water hardness which contributes to poor flavor. Softeners can be bought stand-alone or in conjunction with one of the above POE filtration systems. 

To inquire about the right water filtration system for your organization, please email or call 1-800-934-0051

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