Commercial & Industrial SMART Water Filtration Systems

Commercial & Industrial Water Filtration Granular Activated Carbon
Commercial & Industrial SMART Filters use our special house blend known as SMART Multimedia, which includes 2 types of coconut shell Granulated Activated Carbons (Standard & Catalytic GAC) infused with our Eagle Redox Alloys® 6500 & 9500, and ion exchange resin to reduce & remove contaminants such as heavy metals, i.e. lead & mercury, chlorine, chloramine, chromium & inorganic products such as herbicides, pesticides, petroleum/pharmaceutical by-products and achieve a balanced pH. Read more about GAC's or learn about the ERA® Oxidation/Reduction Process

Crystal Quest® SMART Filters differ from GAC Filters in that they contain our 2 types of Eagle Redox Alloys® to prevent bacteria growth and extend the life of the Granulated Activated Carbons. Without our 2 ERA's® there is a chance of bacteria growth. 

Multimedia filtration is a proven design concept; the coarse media layers in the top of the tank trap large particles, and smaller particles are trapped in the finer layers of media deeper in the filtering bed. The result is a highly efficient filtering, since removal takes place throughout the entire bed. Multimedia filters typically remove particles 5 to 15 microns in size as opposed to a conventional single media sand filter which removes 30 micron or higher.


  • Timer Control Valves
  • Heavy duty Structural® tanks
  • Poly Glass™ mineral tank
  • All brass, motor driven control valve with fully adjustable regeneration cycles
  • Self-adjusting backwash controller
  • Flow controller to limit backwash flow
  • Engineered for commercial & industrial use
  • Optional skid mounting for tanks



  • Metered to regenerate based on demand
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced salt usage
  • Engineered for commercial & industrial use
2510 Valve
Fleck 2510 Valve
2850 Valve
Fleck 2850 Valve
2900 Valve
Fleck 2900 Valve
3900 Valve
Fleck 3900 Valve
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