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Seize the opportunity to monetize your website and supplement revenue by promoting one of the top rated home water filtration systems in the world!

Digital Affiliate Crystal Quest Water Filters

  • The water treatment business is one of the most explosive industries in the world today with extremely high long-term growth projections and it represents a tremendous opportunity.
  • You can easily earn your share of this growing industry by partnering with CRYSTAL QUEST® as an affiliate marketer with just a few clicks.  
  • There’s no cost to join and all of our products carry a 100% "money back guarantee."
  • All you need to do to start making money on your website is sign up to become an affiliate, post the links on your site, and start making commissions today! 
  • If you do not have an active web site or blog please contact a CRYSTAL QUEST® associate to find out more about our other types of affiliate programs that could work for you like our Field Affiliate program.
One of the highest commissions available

CRYSTAL QUEST® offers you 12% commission on supplement sales, one of the highest paying water filters-based affiliate programs available.

Also, a WHOPPING 5% override on all sales made by the affiliates that become an affiliate on your web site.

Many affiliate programs don’t pay you for repeat orders

CRYSTAL QUEST® is different. We "code" your customers and pay you on every future order they make. Your only requirement is to maintain an active link with CRYSTAL QUEST®

No start-up costs - It's free!

The CRYSTAL QUEST® Affiliate Program is free to join and you have a great opportunity to generate an ongoing stream of income from your website, without any cost or obligation on your part. You simply place a link to us somewhere on your site!

Instant tracking of your sales

As often as you want you can log on to the Member area of the CRYSTAL QUEST® web site and examine your statistics 24 hours a day on line. You are automatically credited for all sales generated from your site. You will also see the amount you have earned in the current month.  

Sign-up is fast & easy

Just take 60 seconds and get started today. You will enjoy being an affiliate with CRYSTAL QUEST® because you can earn money and help others by referring them to some of the best water filters available.

Ready to join? It only takes a few minutes. Let's get started! 
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