Opportunities With Crystal Quest

Crystal Quest® offers a variety of opportunities to become synonymous with our established brand with over 30 years of manufacturing expertise! Whether you are looking to wholesale or private label, become a field or digital affiliate, drop ship, or sell internationally, we can help you to capitalize in this 44 billion-dollar water industry. In addition to these programs we also have our OEM program (Original Equipment Manufacturing), where we can help you customize your dream product. Get involved with Crystal Quest® today!

Drop Shipping

Earn money through your online store with our Crystal Quest® Drop Shipping Program. All you need to do is sell our air disinfection products, water filters and filtration products through your online shop and we take care of shipping, warehousing and customer service for you! You can do it from anywhere that has internet connection, it’s easy, and low cost.

Digital Affiliate

You can quickly and easily monetize your website, blog or social medias with our Crystal Quest® Digital Affiliate Program. Simply sign up online and post our links to your site. Feel confident in promoting top-quality water filters and air disinfection systems while earning a commission every time one of your visitors buys a Crystal Quest® water filter product through your links.

Field Affiliate

If you are already engaged in an industry that shares Crystal Quest’s® customer base, you could be making easy supplemental income. As a field affiliate, you simply market our air disinfection products and water filters to your current customers. This provides them with additional value while creating extra points of monetization for your business at the same time!


Penetrate the $44 Billion air disinfection and water filtration market whether you are an established retailer or an individual looking to make high profit margins. Our industry leading air disinfection products and water filters at wholesale discounts are just what you’re looking for. Find out more about our retail & private labeling wholesale opportunities.

Original Equipment Manufacturing

Does your business have a need for custom-designed, Original Equipment Manufacturing of air disinfection products and water filtration systems? Our engineering and design team will work with you to ensure all your OEM specifications and needs are met. With over 30 years of manufacturing expertise & experience with water treatment and air disinfection, your business can rest assured that the final result will be a high quality, economical product.


Rising global water contamination issues have made consumers more concerned with their water and air quality than ever before. This growing customer concern is driving up demand for quality water filters and air disinfection systems across the globe. Become an authorized international dealer for Crystal Quest® and capture your share of this booming market in your country today.


Become a Crystal Quest® wholesale distributor within the rapid-growing water filtration and air treatment industry. As the quality of water continues to decline, and the safety of the air environment becomes a vital concern, the filtration and air treatment continue to grow expeditiously. We offer domestic wholesale programs that include products for all industries including residential, business and commercial, and industrial.

Custom Manufacturing

Crystal Quest® is a manufacturer of water systems designed to provide every type of water quality solution and various methods of air disinfection. Additionally, we participate in all phases of water treatment technology, ranging from product research and development, innovative design, advanced engineering, to manufacturing.


Experience the Crystal Quest Difference