Disinfection Oxidation Methods

Waterborne pathogens are one of the leading causes of infectious disease. Methods of water disinfection for human consumption must pay special attention on microbiological safe disinfection.

For over 30 years, Crystal Quest® has designed and manufactured systems for the need to treat water requiring a 99.99% reduction of bacteria, virus and protozoa without use of harsh chemicals. Our expertise and advanced engineering of OEM technologies have been applied to worldwide industries and even the most challenging water and air disinfection solutions.

Disinfection by OXIORG Ozone Oxidation

O3 + H2O

Oxidation kills any bacteria in a safe, odorless and taste free way. Oxidation is a natural sterilization process that ensures your water is bacteria-free. Oxidation leaves no after-taste or smell and is environmentally friendly. Once Oxidation has finished its sterilization job it dissipates as Oxygen leaving our water oxygen enriched.


Safe and organic method to disinfect and oxidize naturally. Kills all bacteria and protozoa. Natural iron oxidation for arsenic conversion of arsenic 3 to arsenic 5.

Disinfection by Chemical Oxidation Methods


Chemical oxidation is a process involving the transfer of electrons from an oxidizing reagent to the chemical species being oxidized. Chemical oxidation for water serves the purpose of converting pollutant substances to innocuous or stabilized products. Chemical oxidation processes take place in natural waters and serve as an important mechanism in the natural self-purification of surface waters.


Water chlorination is the process of adding chlorine to water as a method used to kill certain bacteria and other microorganisms in tap water. The process of chlorination is used to prevent waterborne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. This method is an additive by chemical injection of Chlorine.


Disinfection by
OXIORG UV-C Oxidation

O3 + UV

Crystal Quest Oxiorg Ultraviolet Oxidation combines the use of Ultraviolet light with organic Ozone oxidant O3 and Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 which can be used to eliminate contaminants in groundwater such as wells. The Crystal Quest Oxyorg is safe and organic system for oxidation and kills all bacteria and protozoa. Additionally, Crystal Quest UV oxidation is natural iron oxidation for arsenic conversion of As+3 to As+5

Ultraviolet light consists of an organic molecule which can break specific atomic bonds with sufficient oxidation and exposure to UV energy.