Commercial Salt-Free Water Softener (Anti-Scale) Systems

Crystal Quest® Commercial and Industrial Anti-Scale Systems prevent scale without the use of salt or chemicals.

Eaglesorb™ Anti-Scale is a saltless, non-chemical, hard water treatment medium. When using Eaglesorb™ ES3, nothing is added to the water. Through the process of calcium and magnesium crystallization, water hardness and carbon dioxide (CO2) degassing will be avoided. Eaglesorb™ ES3 prevents scale deposits in cooling tower equipment by bringing the pH of treated water to a non-corrosive level. The heat transfer capacity is improved in a range of 105% to 110% with less energy consumption.

Other applications include:

Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment, Hot and cold beverage machines, Pools, Cooling towers, Hot water boilers, Instant heaters, CIP systems, Injection molding machines, Dishwashers, Industrial washing machines, Car washes, Ice machines

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