What is Oxidation?

Crystal Quest Oxidation is a process that reduces the number of pathogenic microorganisms in water to disinfect and purify. An oxidizer is an in-line, point-of-entry device (on the main incoming water line) that removes contaminants such as iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from your water.

Why You Should Choose Crystal Quest

With over 30 years of experience and having served over a million happy customers, we understand the water filtration industry. We work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients, and we offer a wide range of filtration methods including media filtration, membrane technology, non-filtration, chemical and organic disinfection, oxidation by air and ozone, and dosing systems that pretreat the water prior to filtration. To learn more or to start your journey toward filtered water, contact us today or read our product reviews.


We work with you to select, or design, the most effective system for your needs by analyzing all of your objectives.

Our systems are designed and optimized for longevity, utilizing only top quality components and filtration media.

Built around the idea of minimal maintenance, our systems aid in decreasing your overall operational expenses.

Our modular systems can be arranged and designed to optimally accommodate any use-case imaginable.

Our automatic backwashing control valves extend the life of your filtration media, reduce maintenance, and increase effectiveness.

Our large selection of tank sizes will accomodate for various flow rates ranging from 14 to 205 gallons per minute.


  • No chemicals added to the water supply - no byproducts, (i.e. chlorine + organics = trihalomethanes).
  • Environmentally and user-friendly, no dangerous chemicals to handle or store, no risks of overdosing.
  • Easy installation, only two water connections, and a power connection.
  • No change in taste, odor, pH or conductivity or the general chemistry of the water.
  • More effective against viruses than chlorine.
  • Extremely economical, hundreds of gallons may be treated for each penny of operating cost.
  • Immediate treatment process, no need for holding tanks, long retention times, etc.
  • Automatic operation without special attention or measurement, operator friendly.


Ozonation kills any bacteria in a safe, odorless and taste free way. Ozone is a natural sterilization process that ensures your water is bacteria-free. Ozone leaves no after-taste or smell and is environmentally friendly. Once Ozone has finished its sterilization job it dissipates as Oxygen leaving our water oxygen enriched.


The Crystal Quest Chlorine Dosing System will inject the precise amount of Chlorine into the water stream. Many private water wells require a Chlorine Dosing System, either to kill bacteria, to eliminate odors, pre-treat the water for iron removal, or to treat iron bacteria, as well converting Arsenic III to V. The Dosing System is fully electronic and adjustable to your water. Chlorine is Certified to meet Standard 60 for drinking water additives.