Specialized Shipping

Specialized Shipping

Crystal Quest provides exceptional methods of shipping to guarantee the safety and security of your purchase.

Due to circumstances of the global Covid-19 pandemic, shipping rates granted by postal services have drastically increased and delivery on behalf of the postal service is subject to be delayed in high demand areas and areas experiencing natural disaster. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free shipping for residential orders under $150 at this time. However, we will immediately revise shipping costs when the pandemic has declined.


Terms & Conditions

Our policies are not intended to violate and/or deny your rights. They are intended to educate and familiarize you with the provided instructions. Use and follow all instructions to avoid any and all damages and/or liabilities associated with Crystal Quest® products. Not following the installation instructions and/or safety guidelines provided by Crystal Quest® can and/or will cause damages. Crystal Quest® assumes no liability for property damage.


 Circumstances Beyond Our Control: Crystal Quest is not liable if a shipment is lost, misdelivered, damaged, or delayed as a result of circumstances beyond our control. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Theft of Goods / Porch Pirating
  • Damage or loss of goods due to carrier misconduct or natural disaster

Due to the economic distress caused by coronavirus, postage theft, or, porch-pirating is subject to increase during deliveries. We recommend to include delivery insurance with your purchase.

Freight Shipping

Freight Shipping is required for large items both international and domestic. Freight shipping is required for all large item non-residential purchases due to the weight and size of our large commercial systems and to also guarantee the security and protection of the water system with specialized and custom packaging.

Shipping promotions, such as free-residential shipping, do not apply to large freight-required items

Custom Shipping

If you require advanced shipping methods for special projects and customized manufacturing please contact a Crystal Quest Specialist to determine appropriate shipping methods.

We will manufacture custom shipping containers or crates to guarantee the highest protection for your system.

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