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Atmospheric Storage Tank - 165 Gallon


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Storage Tank

  • Water Tank - Water is stored in an atmospheric water storage tank (165, 220, or 550 gallons) that is sized depending on your system.
  • Float Switches - Required within your water tank; this regulates when your RO System needs to cut on and off depending on the water level in your tank.  These are not provided with the tank but can be purchased separately.  (Float Up switch CQE-PS-00400/00401 & down switch CQE-PS-00450/00451)

System Benefits

  • Factory Tested and Preserved
  • Made in the USA

Storage Tank Sizes

Suggested System

Tank Size*

200-300 GPD

165 Gallons (31"D x 56" H)

500-2,500 GPD

220 Gallons (42"D x 44" H)

4,000-7,000 GPD

550 Gallons (67"D x 44" H)

*When considering the size of the tank, measure the door opening before installation. 


Home Water Usage

Flow Rate


200-300 GPD

1 - 1.5

500-2,500 GPD

1 - 4

4,000-7,000 GPD


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