Spun-Bonded Polypropylene Cartridge

Crystal Quest Water Filters


Poly spun-bonded filter cartridges are manufactured from pure 100% polypropylene fibers. These cartridges will not impart taste, odor or color into the water. For industrial applications, polypropylene offers superior chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack. Cartridges are available in different ranges of micron sizes.

CQE-RC-04088 2-7/8” x 9-3/4” 5 micron 12-18 months*
CQE-RC-04089 2-7/8” x 20” 5 micron 18-24 months*
CQE-RC-04090 4-5/8” x 9-3/4” 5 micron 12-18 months*
CQE-RC-04087 4-5/8” x 20” 5 micron 12-18 months*

Construction Materials
  • Fiber Media: Polypropylene Fibers
  • Temperature Rating: 40°F to 145°F (4.4°C to 62.8°C)

*Capacity is an estimate only and is dependent on influent water contaminants and filter usage.

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