Commercial & Industrial Systems for All Service Industries

Resorts & Hotels
Country Clubs
Nail Salons
Hair Salons
Pet Groomers
Car Washes
Airline Companies
Water Parks
Carpet Cleaning Services

and a multitude of others!

Benefits Sought:

  Marketing value

  Cleaner service

  No more soap scum rings, which provides for less clean up time

  Cost reduction in water usage (it is cheaper to heat clean water & pipes last longer)

  Longevity to your machines

  Use less soaps & shampoos (cost reduction)

  Lower cycle times (cost reduction)

  Customized Solutions (with our consultation)

  Sanitation/Super cleanliness (liability reduction)

  Consistency in production

  Absence of chemicals

  Better for client’s skin & hair - or fur!


Crystal Quest® Recommended Solutions 

Water Softener - Reverse OsmosisGranular Activated Carbon Systems - SMART Technology Systems - Inlines - Bottle-less Water Coolers


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