Comparison Chart for EAGLE® Series Whole House Water Filters

EAGLE® 1,000 
EAGLE® 2,000 
EAGLE® 4,000 

Filters Water to Achieve a Balanced pH

Achieves Alkalinity*

(Higher pH) 

Softens Water Hardness with a Saltless Water Conditioner*

UltraFiltration Membrane Technology (UF)

Well Water

City Water

Stage of Filtration

8 14 15

# of Tanks (Available in Stainless Steel or Fiberglass) 

1/2 1 2

Black Brine Tank*


Alkaline water occurs naturally when water passes over rocks and picks up minerals such as calcium, potassium & magnesium. Alkalinity refers to a higher pH level of water (8 or 9) as opposed to normal drinking water, which generally has a neutral pH of 7. Advocates of alkaline water believe the higher alkalinity can neutralize the acid in your body and help in preventing certain illnesses because they cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Acid in the body can occur from stress, diet, or environmental conditions such as smog. 

Q: I thought Magnesium and Calcium added water hardness? Why would I want to add that to my water?

A: Good question. Magnesium & Calcium carbonate is the key for achieving alkalinity. Magnesium & Calcium bi-carbonate is hardness, which you don’t want because it appears as chalk, limestone and scale. In alkaline water, the Magnesium & Calcium will be free ions which don’t build scale, only drive the pH higher.



Water is Softened Traditionally (or conditioned) by removing hardness minerals from the water (hard ions like Calcium & Magnesium bi-carbonate) and replacing them with softer sodium or potassium ions. 

Salt-less conditioners are used to retain Calcium & Magnesium minerals in the water, but their form is changed (from bi-carbonate to carbonate) so they will not adhere to surfaces as water hardness. Alkalizers are also known as Mineral Enhancers, De-Scale/De-Scaling Treatment or Anti-Scale. 

* A major benefit to Salt-Less Water Conditioning is that it eliminates the need for a black brine tank, which is used for the waste water produced with a traditional Softener. Benefits to you include less build-up on your shower doors & kitchen glassware and the need to use less soap.


We can help you customize your dream Whole House System!

If you would like to purchase an EAGLE® System with a tradition Softener instead of a Salt-Less Water Conditioner OR

Combine our EAGLE® Systems with a Specialty Filtration System (i.e. Arsenic Removal, Fluoride Removal, etc.)

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