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C-150 Commercial/Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Control Panel


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 C-150 RO Microprocessor Controller

The Crystal Quest C-150 Microprocessor Controller has features and options to allow the OEM flexibility to meet many different specifications. The controller has five relay outputs, four dry contact inputs, and two TDS/conductivity inputs. A 2 line by 20 characters LED display provides the operating status of the RO unit along with the water quality, operating hours, and water temperature.

  • Relay outputs on the C-150 Controller operate the high-pressure pump, inlet valve, flush valve, permeate divert valve, and remote alarm.
  • The relay for the high-pressure pump can operate a 1 horsepower single-phase pump motor directly without external motor controls.
  • Incorporate controls for large hours of power motors.
  • Dry contact inputs control the start and stop of the RO unit by monitoring the inlet pressure, tank level, and pretreatment equipment.
  • Permeate monitor and sensor are temperatures compensated.
  • RO high-pressure pump motor
  • Inlet solenoid valve
  • Automatic flush solenoid valve
  • Low feed pressure switch
  • High pump pressure switch
  • RO storage tank level switches (1 or 2)
  • Permeate TDS/Conductivity
  • Water temperature
  • Pre-treatment lockout
  • Operating hours
  • Feed TDS/conductivity
  • I/O Expander, permeate divert or remote alarm relay, and auxiliary relay with tank-low input
Control Relays:
  • Inlet solenoid valve 120/240 VAC 5 amp maximum
  • RO pump 120/240 VAC 1HP, single phase maximum
  • Flush solenoid valve 120/240 VAC 5 amp maximum


  • Power: 120/240 VAC -15+10%, 50/60 Hz, 25 Watts
  • Enclosure: 8”x6”x4” NEMA 4X (The controller can be custom configured in larger enclosures to incorporate the controller and motor starters for larger 3 phase systems.)

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