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Medical and Dental Equipment Connected to Main Water Systems

"Certain pieces of medical and dental equipment can be directly connected to main water systems, including the automated endoscope reprocessor (AER) and certain dental units that are connected to water lines. It is highly important that these pieces of equipment use uncontaminated water during medical procedures. Certain microbes from water can contaminate medical equipment, causing nosocomial (hospital-related) infection and outbreaks of infection." - Center for Disease Control

Proudly Filtering Water for:
Pharmaceutical production, laboratories, hospitals, surgery centers, med spas, general practitioners, private practices, dentists & orthodontists, saline production, medical parts production, hydrotherapy & hemodialysis
Benefits Sought:

  Prevent infection (major liability reduction)

  Sanitation & Cleanliness

  Cost reduction in water usage (cheaper to heat clean water; pipes last longer; etc.)

  Customized Solution (with our consultation)

  Consistency in production

  Sustainability & consistency of vendor


For Peak Filtration:

Additional Filtration Options:

Additional Needs:

  • Water Softener: Remove unwanted water hardness which contributes to poor flavor. Softeners can be bought stand-alone or in conjunction with one of the above filtration systems.
  • Specific Contaminant Removal can be necessary depending on the location of the water source and the age of pipes. Fluoride, Arsenic, Nitrate, Iron, Turbidity, Tannin, or for Acid Neutralizing.
  • Bottle-less Water Coolers. Save on plastic waste & provide easy, clean water for your staff & patients.

To inquire about the right water filtration system for your organization, please email or call 1-800-934-0051

MedWater Solutions: Water Filtration Solutions for Healthcare and Hospital Facilities

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