How to Choose the Best Whole House Water Filter System for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Whole House Water Filter System for Your Home

A whole house water filter system protects your entire home from the threats of unfiltered water. With a whole home system, you can enjoy filtered drinking and cooking water, but you also reap the benefits of filtered water in your shower, washing machine, and any other areas of your home that use water. Looking for the perfect filtration system for your home? Then, check out these tips.

Water Softener Pairing

If you live in an area with hard water, you may want to soften your water as well as filtering it. When choosing your whole home water filter system, look for a system that can be paired with a water softener or a salt-free water conditioner. This setup ensures that you receive all the benefits of filtered water while also reducing scale building up and taking care of hard water problems. 

Filtration Options

As you review different whole home water filter systems, look at the type of filtration offered by the system and ensure that it meets your objectives for your home's water. While all filtration systems remove most harmful contaminants, some go a step further and remove micro-organisms. To achieve this goal, these systems may have a prefilter, a carbon block post filter, an ultrafiltration membrane, a combination of these filters, or another type of filter. 

Enhancing pH Levels 

If you're worried about the pH levels of the water in your home, check out a whole house water filter system that features the ability to affect pH levels. In particular, these filtration systems can create a higher level of alkalinity in your water, reducing the acidic nature of the water to protect your family, pets, appliances, pipes, and the taste and quality of your water. 

Flow Rates

All whole house water filter systems have different flow rates. Flow rate refers to the rate at which the system can filter water. For most homes, a standard system works fine, but if you have a large estate, a bed and breakfast, a boarding house, a multi-family complex, or a variety of other high-water demand situations, you may need a whole house water filter system that is designed for lots of use and can handle anywhere from 15 to 35 gallons per minute. 

Filter Media

Filtration media refers to the part of the whole house water filter system that removes impurities. You can choose from Eagle filters, Smart multimedia filters, or other types of filters. Popular options include activated carbon which binds to toxins and pulls them out of the water, catalytic carbon which removes chloramine, kinetic degradation fluxion which uses copper and zinc particles to rid water of heavy metals, and reverse osmosis membranes which remove most dangerous impurities including asbestos and hexavalent chromium. A mixed media system can be customized with a range of these different filter media. 

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of filtered water? Do you want the soap to be more effective in the shower? Do you want to reduce limescale build up on washing machines and other appliances? Are you eager to improve the quality of your family's drinking water? Then, you should contact us today or put in your order for a whole home water filter system. 

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