Guaranteed Performance | Made In The USA

Guaranteed Performance. Made In The USA Crystal Quest® guarantees the performance of filtration systems identified as "Guaranteed Performance" units. The guarantee offers assurance of the removal of contaminants and also assures that the filtered water is free of the leaching of toxicities. This guarantee provides a refund of the purchase price under the following conditions: System recommendations will be provided to the customer by Crystal Quest based on lab tests or a detailed description of the existing water conditions as provided or described by the customer. Filtration system is installed as recommended and is in operation between 1 and 3 months prior to performance water test. An independent third party laboratory test report is requested and provided at customer’s expense and chosen by Crystal Quest. If results indicate lack of performance, Crystal Quest will research results of report, installation procedures, and other relevant details. Recommendations will be discussed and implemented at customer’s expense based on researched cause of results. If subsequent testing shows satisfactory performance, Crystal Quest will reimburse the customer with replacement cartridges up to the cost of testing to have these results posted on the Crystal Quest website. All details on the report except city, state, zip code, and specific system description would be excluded. If Crystal Quest® exhausts all attempts to increase the performance within a stated reasonable time period and is unable to correct the issue, the “Guaranteed Performance” refund policy will be honored. All refunds will be issued per Crystal Quest policies located here.