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Protect Your Home Against Accidental Property Damage

Crystal Quest Smart Water Leak Detector Valve

Stop liability! Protect your Investment!

Prevent property damage before it occurs - use a leak detector valve!

Crystal Quest uses the latest technologies to prevent water leaks. Products are built rugged and have been tested for dependability, but to guarantee that damage from water leak incidences don’t happen, a leak detector valve must be installed. Each product has been individually tested and has passed our quality inspections, but in the rare instance of a system failure, a leak detector valve must be installed with all of Crystal Quest undersinks, water coolers, inline and point-of-entry systems to avoid accidental water damage.

Instances of water leakage are due but not limited to the following:

  • Install site conditions (lack of or non-working pressure regulator, excessive water pressure, spikes in pressure, water hammering, hot or frigid temperatures, etc.).
  • Installation/user negligence (replacement cartridge errors, untimely cartridge replacement, clogged cartridges, sump overtightening, sump cross-threading, damaged O-ring, physical impact, household chemical contact, etc.). 
  • Rare event of damage in shipping or handling. 

A leak detector valve detects a water leak within a water filter system and shuts down the water supply in order to prevent flooding. The sensor is mounted to the tubing of the system. If it detects wetness from a leak, it shuts down the water supply inlet.

A leak detector valve is a valuable tool in preventing damage that can occur in the event of leakage. Crystal Quest is not responsible for property damages due to a lack of a leak detector valve.

Leak Detecter Valve
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