Safety begins with Crystal Quest

For over 30 years, Crystal Quest has specialized in filtration and disinfection technology. We have designed and manufactured systems which eliminate pathogens, microbes, and chemicals from water and now have the opportunity to expand our product into air and surface disinfection. Ultraviolet technology and Ozone are CDC-recommended and are 99% proven to eliminate organisms which cause infectious diseases.

The Crystal Quest team consists of highly-skilled engineers, designers, and chemists. Our Indoor Air and Surface disinfection and sterilizing technology is a custom, OEM design crafted originally by Crystal Quest. With our 30 years experience in bacteria and virus destruction within water applications, we have applied our 99.9% proven and tested disinfection technology into the need for Air and Surface virus and other microorganism removal.

99.9% reduction of viruses and microorganisms for indoor air and surfaces.

Quest Micro-Blaster™ indoor air and surface disinfection systems are designed with CDC-recommended sterilization methods of O3 and Ultraviolet light.

Indoor air and surface disinfection methods

Ozone Generator

Indoor-use during vacancy while following all ozone safety guidelines

The Quest Micro-Blaster™ Ozone generator by Crystal Quest® is designed in many sizes for for air and surface disinfection of small and personal items, residential dwellings, businesses and commercial properties, laboratories, medical clinics and facilities, and industrial dwellings and factories.

The Quest Micro-Blaster™ Ozone generator by Crystal Quest® is equipped with an easy-to-use timer to guarantee safe use. The timer is a simple method to control the level of ozone produced into the air to properly disinfect.

The sterilization process, which uses ozone as the sterilant, was cleared by FDA in August 2003 for microorganism disinfectant.

The ozone process is compatible with a wide range of commonly used materials including stainless steel, titanium, anodized aluminum, ceramic, glass, silica, PVC, Teflon, silicone, polypropylene, polyethylene and acrylic.

Ultraviolet Air Filtration

Indoor-use during vacancy and business-hours while following all UV safety guidelines

Ultraviolet Germicidal Lights are 99% proven to reduce the concentrations of airborne bacteria and fungal spores in the indoor environment. The circulation of air from a contaminated HVAC system can cause airborne pathogens to accumulate inside of your office building, medical or dental clinic, laboratory, hospital, and salon. Installing a Crystal Quest Germicidal Light inside of your HVAC, or mounting a stand-alone unit on your wall, can improve the indoor air quality in addition to 24-hour chemical free disinfection of your entire dwelling. Ultraviolet disinfection is able to occur during occupancy when the UV light is not exposed.