Easy Installation, Zero Maintenance

The Centers for Disease Control strongly recommend increased attention to frequent laundry cycles to remove bacteria accumulated on fabric from the outside. Ozone is a CDC-recommend and EPA-approved disinfectant that is 99% proven to eliminate pathogens and other microorganisms from air, surfaces, and fabric.

The Crystal Quest Laundry Ozonator is as efficient and simple in function as it is in design. Once installed, the unit requires no further attention and maintenance. The system is only actively producing ozone during wash cycles and the ozone will naturally dissipate upon completion. Laundry oxidation is natural a process that does not require the use of harsh chemicals, bleach and detergents, while offering more bacteria-killing power than liquid and powder laundry products.

Include the CDC-recommended power of Ozone disinfection and odor elimination for the washing of medical uniforms and personal protection gear. Remove dirt and bacteria from hospitality fabrics such as bedding, towels, and wash-cloths. Guarantee the safety of your residential-sharing services such as Air Bnb and rental properties with advanced disinfection after each tenant.