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Water Store
Bottle Filling Stations

Premium Water Filtration Solutions For Water Stores

Experience Purity with Crystal Quest Water Dispensing and Filtration Systems

Step into the world of superior water quality with our high-performance dispensing stations and filtration systems. Uniquely engineered for health food stores and similar establishments, these units empower businesses to provide customers with pure, mineralized, alkaline water, and more. With just a single station, customers can effortlessly fill their jugs or bottles, taking home the purest form of hydration. From reverse osmosis to UV purification, our options are tailored to fit a range of water quality needs. Experience the transformation and elevate your water retail business with our advanced technology

Robust and User-friendly Design

  • Durable Construction: Crafted with white powder-coated aluminum, our RO systems are corrosion-resistant and lightweight, providing lasting reliability and ease of installation.
  • Convenient Maintenance: Components are easily accessible and designed to minimize operational and maintenance costs. Each unit comes pre-plumbed, wired, and assembled for straightforward servicing.

Efficient Performance and Versatile Upgrades

  • High-efficiency Motor and Stainless Steel Membrane Housing: Our TFC membrane ensures maximum impurity rejection, delivering high water flow, while the high-efficiency carbonate motor and brass rotary vane high-pressure pump ensure continuous and efficient operation.
  • Upgradeable Features: Optimize system performance to specific water treatment needs with our popular upgrades, including a stainless-steel rotary vane pump for increased resistance and lifespan, a concentrate recycle valve for system efficiency, and a variety of digital TDS/Conductivity controllers for precise water quality monitoring.

Advanced Safety Measures and Remineralization Options

  • Safe and Automated Operations: Features such as the low-pressure switch, high-pressure tank switch, and 1" feed solenoid valve ensure automated, safe operation and protection against potential system malfunctions.
  • Enhanced Water Quality: With options to add a blending valve or a permeate sample port, you can adjust permeate TDS and evaluate membrane performance. Additionally, consider our remineralization options to enrich your RO water with essential minerals, offering a healthy and delicious hydration option for your customers.

Customizable RO Water Systems - Tailored to Your Needs

Designed to meet your specific requirements, these systems provide pure water as a foundation while offering the flexibility to incorporate remineralization and other enhancements. Experience the ultimate control over the water you offer, ensuring customer satisfaction with every sip.

  • Pure Water Production: Our RO systems deliver high-quality, purified water, removing impurities and contaminants, guaranteeing the highest standards of cleanliness and taste.
  • Flexible Customization: With our customizable options, you have the freedom to tailor the water output to suit your preferences. Add remineralization modules to enrich the water with essential minerals, providing a balanced and refreshing experience.
  • Enhanced Taste and Health Benefits: Remineralization introduces beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium, enhancing the taste and potential health benefits of the water, offering customers a satisfying and nourishing hydration option.
  • Versatile Applications: These systems are suitable for a variety of settings, including health food stores, restaurants, and businesses seeking to offer high-quality water options. Whether it's pure water or customized variations, our RO systems adapt to your specific needs.
  • Reliable Performance and Easy Maintenance: Our RO systems are constructed with durability in mind, ensuring reliable operation and longevity. Additionally, they are designed for easy maintenance, minimizing downtime and optimizing efficiency.
  • Customer Satisfaction: By offering customizable water options, you can provide a unique and tailored experience to your customers, showcasing your commitment to their health and satisfaction.


Experience the Crystal Quest Difference