Eagle Arsenic Oxide - Water Filtration Media - Crystal Quest Water Filters

Eagle Arsenic Oxide




Physical Characteristics:
Color: Reddish Brown spherical beads
Density: 37.5 pounds per cubic foot

Crystal Quest Eagleoxide Arsenic Resin is CQA certified. Iron oxide based selective resin media is a nano-particle based selective resin designed to remove arsenic (arsenate and arsenite) from the water. Crystal Quest Eagleoxide Arsenic Resin combines a unique chemistry based on hydrous iron oxide nanoparticles that have a very high affinity for arsenic with a durable, non-friable, spherical polymer substrate. This ideal combination of selectivity and substrate durability means that Crystal Quest Eagleoxide Arsenic Resin can effortlessly remove arsenic by using a lead-lag or parallel design configuration.

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