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Eaglesorb Turbidity Removal

Crystal Quest Water Filters


Collections: Water Filtration Media

Type: Media

Physical Characteristics:
Color: Near White
Density: 37.5 pounds per cubic foot

Crystal Quest Sediment Media has many outstanding advantages over the more common granular filter medias used for suspended solids reduction. It's fractured edges and irregular surface provides a high surface area and complex flow path for efficient removal of suspended matter through out the filter bed, typically reducing suspended solids down to the 20-40 micron range. CRYSTAL QUEST® CQ-S 100's larger particle size creates less pressure loss through the filter and allows deeper sediment penetration into the bed for higher sediment loading and longer filter runs. This large and irregular shape prevents the screening and caking of sediment in the top several inches of the filter bed as happens in the typical sand filter. CRYSTAL QUEST® CQ-S 100’s light weight means lower backwash rates and better bed expansion to release trapped sediment and rinse the filter media during the backwash cycle. This ideal combination of particle shape, size and density makes it a good choice where quality water filtration and water conservation are important.

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