Applications of Indoor Use for Quest Micro-Blaster™ Ozone Generator by Crystal Quest®

Crystal Quest Ozone generators have many advantages. Our Ozonators come in various sizes for decontamination and odor treatment of small items and residential dwellings, to medical and industrial facilities.

The Crystal Quest Ozonator is also equipped with an easy-to-use timer to guarantee safe use. The timer is a simple method to control the level of ozone produced into the air to properly disinfect.

Eliminate pathogens, bacteria, and other microorganisms from common personal items, the air and surfaces of your home, car, and office, and participate in do-it-yourself (DIY) methods of creating effective sterilizers such as hydrogen peroxide during this time of cleaning-supply shortages.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidative agent that occurs naturally to disinfect surfaces and decontaminate air. Ozone is able to destroy germs, viruses, and other microorganisms that cause surface, air, and water contamination. Ozone decontamination does not require the use of unwanted chemicals and human presence.

The Quest Micro-Blaster™ Ozone Generator by Crystal Quest® has been designed as a method of decontamination for personal items, personal protection gear and equipment, residential dwellings, office and commercial buildings, and industrial facilities and warehouses.
Ozone is CDC-recommended for sterilization and 99% proven to eliminate pathogens, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Personal Item Disinfection Box

The Quest Micro-Blaster™ Ozone Generator Sterilizer Box is widely used for smart phones, fitness tracker, smart watch, headphone, makeup accessories and brushes, jewelry, credit cards or other personal items. Our sterilizer box is well suitable for your day-to-day use at home, in the office, or during travel with the addition of our power inverter for your mobile vehicle.


Small Personal Disinfection Box

Large Personal Disinfection Box

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a compound made up of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. When ozone is added to water, a complex chain of reactions results in the formation of radicals, such as hydroxyl radicals (·OH) Oxidation with molecular ozone occurs slowly in contrast to oxidation with hydroxyl radicals which occurs very rapidly. Simply place the ozonator tube inside of water to use as a temporary method of hydrogen peroxide.

HVAC Installation

Installing a Quest Micro-Blaster™ Ozone Generator inside of an HVAC system allows simultaneous infusion of ozone in all rooms or offices of your building. This installation is great for hotels, gyms, offices, residential homes, businesses, salons, and medical clinics to guarantee every square inch is disinfected with odor elimination.

Vehicles and Transportation

Eliminate odors and disinfect your vehicle and other small areas with low mp/h Quest Micro-Blaster™ Ozone Generators. Paired with a Crystal Quest power inverter, the immediately take advantage of the Quest Micro-Blaster™ Ozone Generator beyond your home.

Residential, Air BnB, and Clinics

The Quest Micro-Blaster™ Ozone Generator will accommodate the need for disinfection within apartments and homes. This system is also great for advanced disinfection methods needed for shared residential services and hotels to guarantee a sanitized air bnb or hotel room after every tenant. Additionally, the ozone generator has the ability to eliminate powerful odors without the use of unwanted chemicals to leave your home, air bnb, or hotel completely odor-free and sanitized.

Commercial, Industrial, Hospitals, and Hotels

The Crystal Quest® Quest Micro-Blaster™ Ozone Generator is suitable for industrial buildings and large public dwellings such as indoor sports arena, warehouses, fulfillment centers, airports, grocery stores, public gyms and fitness centers, universities and schools, hospitals, skyscraper and large office buildings, courthouses, prisons and jails, shopping malls, food courts. Eliminate powerful odor such as paint, smoke, and water-damage in addition to disinfecting the entire environment for a clean work place. The Ozonator can be installed into the HVAC system to rid of mold and build-up within the ducts and provide odor elimination and disinfection to the entire building.